Edugate's sports policy contributes to the development of the school's motto, namely to develop the essence of the child. It is assumed here that a healthy body houses a healthy spirit. To give practical expression to this, Edugate's sports days begin on Tuesday and Thursday mornings on the sports field for the primary phase learnrs .Students receive coaching in the specific sports offered by the school, whether it be rugby, netball, cricket, or athletics. Furthermore, the school's sports policy provides for participation where each child has the opportunity to participate in a sport of his/her choice but also where opportunities are created for achievements in a particular sport. A third aspect of the policy is that Edugate will not deny any student a sports opportunity based on distance or our numbers. It should never be said that a student of Edugate has been denied a sports opportunity.

The school itself initiates sports opportunities where invitations are extended to schools from all over the country. Together with our established sponsors, these are huge gatherings of parents and students where competition spans across all age groups. Edugate also participates in every possible event to provide its students with the necessary opportunity for participation and achievement.

Sport is and remains a very important integral part of Eduagte Academy's school policy.