Career guidance

Career guidance forms an integral part of readying a learner to leave school and to become an independent fully actualized individual. A process is followed to enable learners to make the most informed decision possible regarding the career that he or she would like to pursue. This process is broken down in two parts

Edugate Academy follows the Cambridge system and final subject choices are made at the end of their Grade 10 year. In order to make the best career decision, a learner needs to choose the right subjects, on the suitable level (Higher or Ordinary). This is the first step in the mentioned process. Subjects are chosen (on Higher or Ordinary Level) based on the measured aptitudes, as well as the field of interests shown by the learner. The chosen subjects on the respective levels should enable the learner to study or work in a wide interest field.

The second step of the process is where the actual career decision making takes place. The four areas of concern are cognitive functioning, interests, attitudes (characteristics) and values (what are the needs of the learner within the workplace). Based on these, the possible career fields are discussed with the learner. Job-shadowing is organised in accordance with the possible career choices the learner aspires. After the job-shadowing and psychometric evaluation is completed, the learner is in a position to make an informed decision regarding the possibilities of his or her career path