Company Profile

Edugate Academy, a private school situated in Otjiwarongo, Namibia, opened in January 2004 and has grown ever since.

Although the school has developed regarding facilities the classes remain small so they are easy to teach and manage.  This is one of the reasons Edugate Academy is regarded as one of the leading schools in Namibia.

Together with our meaningful school readiness program, Edugate assists learners advancing to and enrolling at tertiary institutions.  Intensive psychological testing is done for Grade 9’s regarding their future careers.  During Grade 11, a full week is set aside for ob shadowing, exposing our senior learners to different job opportunities when they leave school. 

A variety of sports, cultural and leadership activities are promoted in our school. Edugate has 55 learners who have represented Namibia on an international level in various activities.  Although a small school, Edugate competes against the largest and finest schools in the country.  We believe we are respectful opponents for any team.  Our common educational principles include:

  1.  To do ordinary things, extra-ordinarily
  2. To safeguard our learners within clearly defined parameters: a high standard of teaching and  learning with a sound disciplinary system where focus is on the being of the child surrounded  by a Christian environment.
  3. To always provide for opportunities for our learners no matter the distance.

Excellent hostel facilities result in applications for enrolment far beyond the borders of Otjiwarongo.  Unfortunately, there is limited space and it is not always possible to accommodate all applications.

Edugate is owned by parents whose children are enrolled at the school.  The parents are represented by a Governing Body which is elected every three years during an annual general meeting in February.  Edugate is proud of its achievements and will continue to seek opportunities to serve our learners.  We strive to equip our learners with skills in order to make a valid contribution to the work force.