Code of Conduct

The true sportsman will uphold the “unwritten rules” of the game.



All too often, winning is the only reason for being involved in sport.  The value of team spirit and the development of a healthy body, is lost in striving to be the best.  In order to shield our children from this stress, it is important that coaches, athletes and parents work together to create a healthy sporting environment.  To ignite and nurture a love for sport is paramount.

  1. Expose your child to a sporting environment where they are able to enjoy themselves.  It is an opportunity to assist with your child’s development.
  2. Work in unison with coaches and other parents to define goals on which to focus.
  3. As a parent, you must have the understanding that not all coaches are professionals.
  4. Be realistic with the goals you set for your child, the coach and the team.
  5. The progress and development of the team must take priority over the motive to win at all costs.
  6. Be careful of projecting your own dreams and achievements on your child.  He/she is a unique creation with their talents, interests and goals.
  7. Remember to keep your emotions, at all matches, in check.  Remain positive towards the coach, players and umpires.  Do not shout at them.
  8. Be a role-model.  Your child will follow your example.
  9. Communicate openly.  If you differ with the coach’s way of doing, or with another parent’s way of behaving, do so at the right place, the right time and in the correct manner.
  10. Your expectations may differ from the expectations of other parents.  Always keep this in mind if you have ideas that differ from the team’s goals.