Admission Procedures

  1. Parents, who are interested to enroll a child at Edugate, have to make an appointment with the principal.
  2. After the interview, during which we explain the character of the school, school fees and the code of conduct, an application form (if requested by the parents) will be supplied.
  3. Parents complete the application form, send it back to the school and if necessary, a second interview with the parents and learner(s) will take place.
  4. The learner/child will have to write an entrance exam to determine the grade level at which to be enrolled.
  5. A written testimony of behavior and academic performance from the previous school is needed.
  6. We shall inform the parents in writing if the application is successful or not.

If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact me in person.

Thank you

Johan Laubscher