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EduVision Newsletters

News Bulletin 5/19

10 June 2019

I am please to give the following feedback on progress made after the school holidays:

1.Let me start with the good news first. Nampower join the Eduvision Project which allows us to start the programme in Okakarara SSS and Waterberg JSS. Meetings with the two principals already took place during which we discussed the plan of action for the weeks to come. You will understand that there is huge excitement within the Eduvision camp.

2.Mr Mike Hamilton of Panopto gave us a two-day workshop on how to use this programme affectively during the recording of lessons. We are now in the position that 500 users (learners from rural schools) can have access to these recorded lessons.

3.The teachers of Tsumkwe SSS already received their training on how to use Panopto in their daily lesson presentations.Training for the teachers in Okakarara will start as soon as we received all the needed information from them.

4.Upfront payment for SchoolWrite, a school administrative programme for Tsumkwe SSS has been made. The secretary will receive the necessary training from 25-27 June in Otjiwarongo. The programme will be implemented in the school immediately after this training.

5.Meetings were held with the the Director of Education, Me Mutenda (to give feedback on the programme), Telecom Namibia (on technical connections and issues in Okakarara) and Paratus (to upgrade the bandwith at Tsumkwe as soon as possible.)

If we will be able (and it is possible) to give 500 learners in rural areas access to the recorded lessons, the Eduvision Project will be a move in the right direction.

News Bulletin 4/19

09 April 2019

Please allow me the following feedback on the Eduvision Project:

1. Edugate assisted Tsumkwe SS with question papers during this trimester’s examination. The principal gave permission for the moderation of answer sheets of the learners at Tsumkwe.

2. Hundred and fourteen lessons were downloaded during the first trimester. This technology provides the opportunity for the teachers and learners in Tsumkwe to watch these lessons repetitively.

3. Live sessions in Mathematics (Grades 10 and 12) took place throughout the first trimester on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

4. Questionnaires were distributed amongst the Grade 10 and 12 learners, the teachers who are involved in the project and the principal to evaluate the effectiveness of the project. If interested, please read the summary of the outcome of this questionnaire.

Evaluation of the Eduvision Project – End of Trimester 1 - 2019

Questionnaires were handed out to eleven Grade 12, fifty- five Grade 10 learners, the three teachers who are directly involved in the Eduvision project and the principal. Questionnaires were based on a Yes/No response implicating that “Yes” means positive and “No” negative. Each question made provision for a comment. Questions were grouped into technical, educational and classroom categories.

1.The following general remarks may be of interest:

I.Teachers response: Positive (92%) Negative (4%)

II.Grade 12 learners: Positive (79%) Negative (21%)

III.Grade 10 learners: Positive (66%) Negative (34%)

IV.Average of 66 learners: Positive (73%), Negative (27%)

V.The question: “Must we continue with the project?” the response from the teachers and learners were Positive (100%)

2.The following five concerns were regarded as “negative” and need immediate attention:

i.Handouts must be given more regularly.

ii.The sound system in Tsumkwe must improve.

iii.Recorded lessons must be repeated more often to the learners for a better understanding of the lesson content.

iv.The number of chairs in the allocated classroom cannot accommodate the Grade 10 A and 10 B learners simultaneously.

v.Network interruptions causes delay and frustration.

News Bulletin 3/19

27 February 2019

We are pleased to announce the following innovation in the Eduvision Project:

We had fruitful discussions with two of our supporting software role players which resulted into the following two remarkable improvements:

1.Tsumkwe SS is now able to print hard copies of all the received lessons for its Grade 10 and 12 learners in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. There is currently a huge dispute in our local newspapers regarding the shortages of textbooks for the new syllabi. For the learners and teachers of Tsumkwe SS this printing function offers a meaningful alternative.

2. Something even more exciting! It is now possible to download the mentioned recorded lessons on a cell phone, tablet or computer country wide. We are busy with the final architecture of this marvellous programme and hope to finalise it by the end of next week. Tsumkwe SS is using this function (as pilot school) now with enthusiasm and excitement.

Thank you for the opportunity to share this exciting progress with you.

News Bulletin 2/19

05 February 2019

1. Please allow me to give feedback to our donors and those people/companies interested on progress made during January:

1.1 Fruitful discussions took place with NANSO (its President, Secretary-General and other executives), MTC and NAMPOST.

1.2 Live Mathematics lessons to Tsumkwe are currently taking place on Tuesdays (Grade 10) and Thursdays (Grade 12). In Biology and Physics lessons are recorded and available for download when needed by the teachers from Tsumkwe.

1.3 Seven teachers of Tsumkwe SS received training on how to use the Smartboard.

1.4 A printer was installed at the school allowing the teachers to make copies from the recorded lessons for handouts to all the Grade 10 and 12 learners. That ease the burden while waiting for the supply of some textbooks.

1.5 A seven-day electronic timetable was compiled (which make any future changes to the timetable easy) and distributed amongst the teachers and learners.

1.6 We are waiting for feedback from TELECOM to upgrade the internet in the office of the principal.

2.To continue with the Eduvision Project and to extend the e-learning programme to the next two identified rural schools (Okakarara Secondary and Waterberg Junior Secondary Schools) there is a desperate need for the following funding:

2.1 Tsumkwe SS does not have an effective school administrative system. We plan to install the SchoolWrite programme which is frequently used by many schools in Namibia. The quotation received was N$7 700.00.

2.2 We would like to upgrade the bandwidth between Edugate and Tsumkwe from the current pay- as-you-go service to a more constant link. Currently we are paying N$430.00 for a 3-GB. Experience taught us that credit runs out at crucial times. A more reliable option will be approximately N$5 000.00 per month.

2.3 To buy and install the necessary equipment (smartboard, computer, camera and sound system) the estimated costs will be N$75 000.00 per classroom. Three classrooms need to be equipped. One more classroom at Edugate for Mathematics, one at Okakarara Secondary School and one at Waterberg JSS. On completion, more than 200 learners of rural schools will benefit from the Eduvision project.

2.4 To link Okakarara SS and Waterberg JSS with Edugate Academy by means of optical cable will cost (quotation received from Telecom) N$1 821.60 per school per month (N$3643.20 per month for both schools.)

2.5 To give learners in rural schools the opportunity to download his/her own recorded lesson by means of a cellp hone, tablet or laptop, the Panopto App, host by Amazon, supply this service at a cost of N$125 000.00 per year per 1000 users. I will be more than willing to visit any company to give more information and a demonstration of this unbelievable, remarkable and valuable opportunity we can offer to our remote learners.

My humble request to our current donors and possible companies who might show interest in this project is to ask for financial assistance with any amount your company deemed possible. Without the assistance of trustworthy sponsors this project is doomed to future development and expansion to other rural schools in our country – to those learners who are very much in need for this modern way of learning.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if any information or explanation is needed regarding the above-mentioned information.

Thank you for your time reading through this News Bulletin.

News Bulletin 1/19

11 January 2019

From the side of EduVision we wish you a very prosperous 2019.

Our prioritised action steps which already started at the beginning of 2019 are as follow:




1.Follow up with existing sponsors.

2.Follow up with three potential sponsors.

3.Training of teachers at Tsumkwe, Edugate and Okakarara to use the smartboard effectively.

4.An urgent meeting with MTC.

5.Follow up on quotations.

6.Follow up with the MBEC on Memorandum of Agreement

7.Final decision on hard-and software to be used for the project in future.

8.To give the principal of Tsumkwe permanent access to the internet

1.Desperate search for sponsors for the two schools in Okakarara who joined the program.

2.To develop an effective, user friendly website.

3.Development of an Eduvision advertisement for the written and electronical media

4.To continue correspondence with Opuwo where it stopped in 2018 due to time restrictions.


1.Meeting with school principals currently involved in the project to clarify administrative issues.

2.Install a printer at Tsumkwe to duplicate hard copies of the lessons for distribution amongst the Grade 10 to 12 learners.

1.Start corresponding with the USA for possible assistance.

2.Arrange a follow up meeting with Coca Cola Namibia.

May you receive the courage to be stubborn on your vision and the wisdom for flexibility on your journey.

News Bulletin 15

29 November 2018

Please allow me the following:

1.I am very pleased to report that GB Brokers Otjiwarongo supply all the necessary materials needed to upgrade the classrooms (except the ceilings) at Okakarara SSS and Waterberg JSC. These two classrooms are now prepared for the installation of the necessary e-learning equipment. A word of special thanks to GB Brokers Otjiwarongo. Your valuable contribution is highly appreciated.

2.We also receive the quotation from Telecom Namibia to link Edugate with the two new schools. A word of appreciation to Telecom Namibia for their quick response when we forwarded the request.

3.Over the past weeks we had several fruitful discussions. We met with the PS, Me Sanet Steenkamp and the Deputy PS, Mr Charles Kabajani of the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, Mr Evans Simataa of SANLAM NAMIBIA, Mr.Thys Redelinghuys of Gobabis Toyota and Mr Riaan Esterhuizen of Bank Windhoek Financial Advisers Pty Ltd .Feedback was also given to Mr Awaseb of B2Gold on progress made since the start of the project. All these meetings gave us hope for next year and the years to come.

4.The Eduvision Project took us over vast distances this year. Since March 2018 up to November 2018, more than 22 000 kilometres were travelled.

5.A word of sincere thanks to the Control Board of Edugate Academy for their generous support and positive attitude towards the project. A special word of thank you for the LED Screen with all the necessary equipment, to partly meet the demands for switch overs next year between the four schools. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

6.To all our sponsors of this year, we do not have the necessary and enough words to express our deepest gratitude. The best we can do is to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! Without your assistance, the Eduvision Project was nothing more but just a dream.

May you have a well-deserved rest, a Merry Christmas and may 2019 meet all your expectations.

News Bulletin 14

09 November 2018

Please allow me the following:

“You will either step forward into growth, or you will step backward into safety.” (Maslow)

I concluded the previous News Bulletin with the above-mentioned quote from Maslow, not knowing that it will come into practice so soon.

We are very excited to announce that Okakarara SS and Waterberg JSS join the Eduvision Project. Receiving their projected numbers of learners for 2019, plus the learners of Tsumkwe SS we will have more than 400 learners from rural areas joining the Eduvision Project in 2019, 150 learners more than our planned target. We are grateful for this sudden growth.

Starting with the new Grade 10 syllabus in 2019 and continue with the old Grade 12 syllabus for the last time (2019) lesson interaction between Edugate Academy and the three schools will be at least six times more (depending on the programme) during 2019 comparing with Tsumkwe SS during 2018.

The following immediate challenges are now ahead:

  1. The two newly added classrooms in Okakarara must first be upgraded (paint, replace broken windows, secure, etc, etc) before any e-learning equipment (smartboard, camera, sound system, projector and computer) can be installed. We are desperate to start with the upgrading already during this month.
  2. A second classroom in Edugate must be equipped with the necessary e-learning materials to meet this growing demand of class groups.


  1. The PS of the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, Me Sanet Steenkamp, comments in the newspaper Informante that only “1% of the San community completes school” because secondary learners must leave their homes to attend secondary schools elsewhere. The Eduvision Project wants to prevent secondary learners from leaving their homes. The learners in Tsumkwe and Okakarara can stay within their own communities while they can experience e-learning on their own doorsteps.
  2. In another newspaper article, according to a vacancy list by the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, there will be a total of 2 112 teaching posts available in state schools starting 2019, of which 39 English and 14 Mathematics vacancies will be in the Otjozondjupa region. Eduvision will be able to assist any secondary school, after the installation of the necessary equipment, where a desperate need might arise during 2019.
  3. In the last couple of weeks, according to several newspaper articles, it became clear that there is huge pressure on the budget of the Ministry of Education, Arts and Cultures. There is no doubt that Eduvision with the assistance of donors, can be of help to support our Ministry especial in rural areas or where the need might arise.

Due to so many challenges facing our teaching profession currently one aspect is crystal clear. Eduvision with its e-learning programme can give meaningful support if we can succeed to find the necessary sponsors to ensure that the new infrastructure is operational in the shortest possible time frame.

Thank you for your time reading this bulletin.

Eduvision News Bulletin 13

22 October 2018

Please allow me the following feedback:

1.We received an invitation from Parrot Products (all expenses paid) in Gauteng to attend a demonstration on their latest Interactive Touch LED Panels. After the visit they sent us a demo model to determine whether this equipment will meet our expectations. On Wednesday, 24 October, an online meeting will take place between staff members of Parrot Products and Edugate. We are excited about the outcome.

2.Mrs Jurita Potgieter will attend a SMART Professional Development Certification workshop in Gauteng from 29 October to 1 November on how to use the Smartboard effectively. After this workshop we will decide which technology will suit our needs best for final implementation at the beginning of 2019. The workshop content will be shared with our own teachers as well as our colleagues in Tsumkwe.

3.On Tuesday, 09 October we visited Putuavanga SSS in Opuwo on invitation from the Mayor of the town Mr Albert Tjiuma to explain the Eduvision Project to the principal and some of his staff members. We will receive their answer before or on October 22.

4.Tsumkwe SS requested two switch overs during the Grade 12 examination. On Tuesday, 02 October a one-hour Physics revision lesson were conducted and on Wednesday, 10 October Mathematics revision lessons (more than 2 hours) were scheduled for different periods through out the day.

5.A feedback meeting was held with the acting Director of the Otjozondjupa Region Me Mutenda regarding the progress of the Eduvision Project. During the discussion the names of two schools were mentioned for possible incorporation to the project This meeting will take place tomorrow (23 October) at 11:00.

“You will either step forward into growth, or you will step backward into safety.” (Maslow)

Eduvision News Bulletin 12

26 September 2018

Please allow me the following:

1. We were very much honoured and pleased when we had the opportunity to officiate the handover of the FirstRand Foundation Namibia sponsorship on Monday 24, September at 11:00. Mr Louw du Rand of FNB Namibia, Otjiwarongo was the keynote speaker. The acting director in the Ministry of Basic Education, Arts and Culture of the Otjozondjupa Region, Me Josephine Mutenda made the conclusive remarks on behalf of the Ministry and expressed her sincere thanks towards FirstRand Foundation Namibia for their contribution towards education in our country, especially in the Tsumkwe area.

2. On behalf of the learners I would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation towards Namib Mills for their contribution to the feeding programme for the learners of Tsumkwe SS. Over a three month period the following food was delivered at the school:

Maize meal – 150 kg

Rice – 150 kg

Pasta – 180 kg

Total 480 kg

The food is prepared during the morning to be eaten during break times. Excitement under the learners is clearly observed when they are queuing for the food.

3. We are more than thankful to release the following statistics for Tsumkwe since our previous News Bulletin of September, 11):

·Four trips were undertaken to Tsumkwe bringing the total number of trips since the start of the Tsumkwe Project up to 13 or otherwise stated 13 000 km were travelled from Otjiwarongo to Tsumkwe and back.

·Thirteen revision lessons were conducted between Edugate and Tsumkwe with a total teaching time of 14 hours.

·Five teachers from Edugate and five teachers from Tsumkwe SS were involved in the teaching of Physics, Mathematics, Biology, English and Life Skills.

“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.”

Eduvision News Bulletin 11

11 September 2018

Please allow me the following:

1. We are very grateful, honoured and pleased to announce that FirstRand Namibia Foundation Trustmade a huge contribution towards the Eduvision Project in Tsumkwe. We do not have the words to express our deepest appreciation towards the Board of Trustees. This contribution brings hope and excitement.

2. Another highlight during last week was the first official revision lesson between Edugate and Tsumkwe. Equipped with their new calculators, the Mathematics revision lesson started on Friday, 07 September at 08:30 until 10:00. We are very grateful to report that there was no audio or visual interference during the entire lesson. Thank you so much Paratus!!!

3. Please take note of the following:

1.Grade 12 revision lessons will continue on Tuesday (11 Sept at 08:00, Mathematics) and Thursday (13 September at 09:00 for Physics and 15:00 for Biology).

2.Subject meetings between the Science and Mathematics teachers of Edugate and Tsumkwe SS will take place at Tsumkwe on Monday, 17 September starting at 08:00

3.A Grade 12 English Second Language revision lesson has been scheduled for Monday, 17 September, starting at 14:00 until 15:00

4.On Monday 24 September the Grade 10 and 12 learners from Tsumkwe will receive guidance on study methods and how to prepare for the coming external examinations.

A very special word of THANK YOU to all our donors and teachers for their contributions and efforts in the progress up to now.

“No one who achieves success does so without the help of others. The wise and confident acknowledge this help with gratitude.”(Alfred Whithead)

03 September 2018

Eduvision News Bulletin 10

Please allow me to give feedback on the following:

1. After receiving an invitation from people from Opuwo to implement the Eduvision Project at one of the secondary schools, I had a meeting with distinguished guests from the town council and region at the Opuwo Town Lodge. We await their answer.

2. We had a valuable two day visit from specialists in the field of Smartboards. Mr Conrad Steyn from Vastratech and Mr Paul Fitchet of Fybotech in SA informed us on the newest Smartboard development and educational technology. We also had a joint meeting in Windhoek with our guests, Mr Andrew Hall, James Cutts and Pierre van Schalkwyk of Paratus.

3. We are very, very grateful and pleased to announce that SGA Chartered Accountants and Auditors made a huge contribution towards the scientific calculators and mathematical instruments for all the Grade 11 and 12 learners of Tsumkwe Secondary School. These valuable equipment will be handed over to the learners on Wednesday, 05 September. I have no doubt that these teaching aids will make a remarkable contribution in answering their Maths and Science papers during the coming national Grade 12 examination. Thank you SGA, an investment in knowledge pays the best interest!

4. Negotiations between the teachers from Tsumkwe SS and Edugate Academy on revision timetables for the coming Grade 12 final examination will start during this week.

“We cannot only watch the clock, we must do what it does – Keep Going”

Thank you for your valuable time reading this information.

08 August 2018

Newsletter 9

We would like to give the following feedback.

1. It was a huge honour and privilege to have our Vice President, His Excellency Dr. Nangolo Mbumba as keynote speaker at the official launch of Eduvision. We were also honoured by the presence of our Honourable Minister of Education, Arts and Culture Hon Katrina Hanse-Himarwa. Both set high expectations for this project. We will not let them down! It was motivation that brought us to this point, our commitment will keep us going.

2. His Excellency our Vice President as well as the Honourable Minister, expressed their sincere gratitude towards the sponsors who got involved to make the Eduvision Project a reality.

3. The following actions will take place in the weeks to come:

3.1 The Grade 12 learners at Tsumkwe SS do not have calculators and sets of mathematical instruments for Mathematics and Physics. We already receive a quotation. It is totally impossible for any Grade 12 learner to sit for the mathematics and physics examinations without these equipment. This crucial equipment must be available before the start of the third term.

3.2 During the August holidays, I will spent time on administrative issues for example to compile a data base to monitor the Grade 11 and 12 results of the learners.

3.3 During term three the two schools will occasionally link classroom to classroom, but the main focus will be on revision programmes as soon as the syllabi in both schools are completed.

4. I received a phone call from a business person in Opuwo who would like to join the Eduvision project. A meeting will be set up for next week to discuss all the relevant issues.

As teachers we have only one obligation. We have to put light into the eyes of learners.

Thank you once again to each and every one who attended the meeting. Your presence honoured the occasion.

23 July 2018

Newsletter 8

Important Notice!

We at Edugate Academy are very much honoured, thankful and please to announce that His Excellency, Dr Nangolo Mbumba, agreed to deliver the keynote address during the official launch of Eduvision on Monday, August 6, 2018 at 10:00 at Edugate Academy.

More details will follow soon.

19 July 2018

Newsletter 7

EduVision progresses to the next level. Please allow me to share it with you.

1. Three teachers (Biology, Physical Science and Mathematics) of Tsumkwe Secondary School underwent a workshop over two days during this week to familiarise them how to implement a new teaching approach in the classroom by making use of modern smart board technology. All three these teachers were very much surprised not only on how this technology brings a new dimension into the classroom, but also how to teach over vast distances. Due to the involvement of B2Gold, Namib Mills, Paratus and Telecom Namibia, Tsumkwe Secondary school is now the first rural school in our country equipped with these ultra-modern teaching facilities. A word of sincere thanks to our sponsors.

2. These three teachers now have the opportunity to prepare their lessons during next week and to familiarise themselves with the abilities of the smart board.

3. The following actions are currently in the planning phase:

3.1 How to transform the ordinary lesson plan into an effective e-learning format.

3.2 To develop an effective monitoring system which will carefully measure progress in the scholastic achievements of the learners from Tsumkwe.

3.3 Plan on how the Grade 12 learners of Tsumkwe can benefit from a revision/workshop programme before their final Grade 12 examination at the end of the year.

3.4 How to implement the new syllabi for Grades 10 to 12 that will be implemented in 2019, starting with Grade 10.

Martin Luther King once wrote:” The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in a moment of comfort and convenience. But where he stands at times of challenge and controversy”.

This is also true for EduVision.

6 Julie 2018

Newsletter 6

I am pleased to give the following feedback.

1. Since our previous Newsletter, Paratus worked timelessly to synchronise the two Smart Boards between Edugate and Tsumkwe Secondary School. To manage this was not an easy task at all and I am very grateful to report that the breakthrough came yesterday, 5 July, when the two schools were linked with each other. A word of sincere thanks to Paratus for achieving this goal and for their contribution to the teaching profession, the first of its kind in our country. This is maybe what Kahlil Gibran meant when he wrote: “Time has been transformed, and we have changed; it has advance and set us in motion; it has unveiled its face; inspiring us with the bewilderment and exhilaration.”

2. We were honoured when the Vice President, His Excellency the Honourable Mr Nangolo Mbumba allowed us a meeting during which we could explain and discuss the Eduvision Project. The Honourable Vice-President agreed to officially launch the Eduvision project. We will confirm the date and time when we receive official feedback from his Excellency’s Office.

3. The planned time schedule for the weeks to come:

3.1 During the week of 09 to 13 July we will continue to familiarise ourselves with the technical details of the software programme at Edugate.

3.2 Training at Tsumkwe will take place during the week of 16 to 20 July.

3.3 The official interactive teaching between Edugate and Tsumkwe will start during the week of 30 July to 3 August.

I am grateful for the progress up to now. It is gratitude that creates a vision for tomorrow.

11 June 2018

Newsletter 5


1. I am very excited to report that the installation of all the necessary teaching equipment has been done at Edugate Academy and Tsumkwe Secondary School. Except for some computer software that still has to be up dated, I am looking forward to the first academic interaction between the Grade 12 learners of Edugate and Tsumkwe, hopefully this coming week. My deepest appreciation towards Paratus for the installation of all the sophisticated equipment at Edugate Academy and Tsumkwe Secondary School. A very special and sincere word of THANK YOU to Telecom Namibia for the supply of a high speed fibre link between Edugate Academy and the satellite earth station in Windhoek.

2. We received a request from the Honourable Minister of Education and Culture to postpone the official launching date until further notice. I will inform you of this date as soon as we receive confirmation from her office.

3. I am of the opinion that we are on the brink of a huge break through. Change is inevitably. John F. Kennedy once wrote that change is the law of life. If you only look to the past or present you will definitely miss the future. If nothing ever change there will be no butterflies.

21 May 2018

Newsletter 4

Please allow me to give the following feedback:

1. I received the good news from Paratus that the equipment will arrive during the coming week and the possibility exist that the instalment of these equipment will maybe take place during the first week of June. This brings the official launching date of 15 June 2018, as was mentioned in the previous newsletter (the day before the Day of the African Child) under question. However, I will keep all our stakeholders informed of the progress with the programme as well as the official launching date.

2. Meanwhile I tried to arrange meetings with people/institutions who might favour this project. That is not an easy task. Leo Tolstoy once wrote, while he experienced huge resistance from the church and government in Russia when he tried to establish schools for children of the peasant communities, “the two most powerful warriors are patience and time.” I will keep this in mind. (At the end, he succeeded to put up 13 schools)

3. I am still trying to arrange an appointment with the Honourable Minister of Education and Culture. So far I was not successful due to her hectic programme.

4. I am truly of the opinion that it is not necessary to bend the educational system to implement the Eduvision project; but only changing a small portion of events, and then the total – all of these acts , hopefully, will be written the history of teaching learners in remote places throughout our country, starting at Tsumkwe.

17 April 2018

Newsletter 3

Please allow me to give an update on the Eduvision Project.

1. I am pleased to comment that Paratus informed me during a meeting held on 16/04/2018 that all the necessary equipment has been ordered. We are still waiting for delivery dates, especially on the Smartboards.

2. I had a fruitful discussion with Mr Albe Botha, the Chief Executive Officer of Namibia Media Holdings to promote this endeavour in public by means of as many as possible media formats. Further negotiations with Mr Botha will follow in near future.

3. The official launch is planned for 15 June 2018. This date will be confirmed as soon after the project starts functioning. Please keep this date in mind when consulting your future 2018 planning.

09 April 2018

Newsletter 2

Please allow me to share the following time frame and possible suggestions with you.

School Calendar 2018 Suggested Actions

Term 1: 08 January – 30 April

Holidays: 31 April – 20 May

Fit and test all the required equipment.

Training of teachers.

Term 2: 21 May – 21 August

Eduvision program starts on 21 May

Holidays: 22 August – 02 September

Extra classes for Grade 12 (maths/physics)

24 September

Grade 12 external examination starts

Term 3: 03 September – 05 December

General Comments.

1. Fitting of equipment can start as soon as possible because classes are currently not occupied due to examinations.

2. The last week of the April /May (14 -18 May) holidays can be set aside for training the teachers.

3. The August holidays is only one week - ideal for Grade 12 extra classes in Physics and Mathematics.

4. It will be highly appreciated if the system can be up and running by 21 May 2018.

Thank you once again for your valuable contribution and attitude to conquer new frontiers through e-learning.

09 April 2018

Newsletter 1

Herewith a short update of Eduvision.

    1.Our visit to Tsumkwe was, in my opinion, of great value. A word of sincere thanks to B2Gold, Nampower, members of the Edugate Control Board and all the delegates from Tsumkwe, including the Member of Parliament Cde. Fransina Ghauz who attend the meeting and the site visits.

    2.I am very grateful that the procurement of the two smart boards (one for Edugate and one for Tsumkwe) is currently in process. Many thanks to B2Gold and Paratus for this giant leap. Hopefully the ordering of the other equipment will follow soon.

    3.We received the EXCELLENT news that Namib Mills will come on board over the next three years.

    4.Telecom Namibia already linked the classroom from where the lesson presentations will take place with an optical cable to their head office in Otjiwarongo.

    5.The Control Board of Edugate Academy gave permission that the Eduvision Project must be managed on a full time basis. As from April 1st I am a full time employee of this Project.

    6.I deemed it necessary to find additional sponsors to ensure that the infrastructure is operational in the shortest possible timeframe. In the weeks to come I will be busy myself with this part of the project. We’ve also start planning a huge launch for this project. I will keep you informed of our progress.

Thank you very much for sharing interest in this endeavour. Any thoughts, suggestions or comments will be highly appreciated.