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Company Profile

Edugate Academy, a private school situated in the central northern part of Namibia, opened its doors on January 2004 and has since grown from strength to strength.

During the past ten years great developments regarding our school facilities and the growth in enrollment of our learners had taken place. Our 22 well qualified staff members engage comfortably with their learners within class sizes which are easy to teach and manage. We are convinced that this is one of the reasons why Edugate Academy is regarded as one of the leading academic institutions in Namibia.

Great and meaningful investments in school readiness programs for learners advancing from Pre-Primary to Grade 1, have been made since the origin of our school and we are currently rendering services in this regard which meet any expectations regarding a modern and committed educational institution.

Simultaneously with our school readiness program, Edugate Academy is always willing to walk the extra mile with our learners advancing to and enrolling at tertiary institutions. From the beginning of Grade 10 our learners are submitted to intensive psychological testing regarding their future careers. During the Grade 11 year, a full week is set aside for job shadowing to expose our senior learners to the reality of possible job opportunities when they leave school the following year.

A variety of sports, cultural and leadership activities are presented and promoted in our school. Since we opened our doors ten years ago, Edugate is proud to announce that 55 learners had already represented Namibia on international level in various activities. Although we are a small school, we do not hesitate to compete against the largest and strongest schools in our country. Although always outnumbered and not after every game, match or competition on the winning side, we believe that we are respectful opponents for any team taking us on.

Part of our success story is that we stick to common educational principles namely

  • To do ordinary things extra ordinary.
  • To safeguard our learners within clearly define parameters like a high standard of teaching and learning, a sound disciplinary system, focus on the being of the child and a Christian environment.
  • To never withhold a learner from any opportunity regarding the number of our learners and distance to travel.

With excellent hostel facilities we receive applications for enrollment far outside the boarders of Otjiwarongo. Unfortunately there is limited space and is it not always possible to accommodate all the applications.

Edugate is owned by its committed parents whose children are fully enrolled at the school. The parents are represented by a Control Body which is elected every three years during a general parent meeting which is held in February. The school buildings belong to a company, Porcupine Investment and the parents are renting the buildings from the said company.

Edugate is extremely proud of its achievements of the past years and we will keep on seeking for opportunities to serve the educational sector of this country to the best of our abilities making our learners proud of this country. We strive to equip our learners with exceptional skills in order to one day make a rich contribution to a powerful working force.