Eduvision Mission Statement

To Offer Effective Interactive Classroom Teaching Between The Teachers And Learners Of Edugate Academy With Their Counterparts In Rural Schools, Within Their  Own Communities, By      Utilizing Modern Teaching Methods And Technology To  Help Improve The Pass Rates In Mathematics, Physical Sciences,  Biology, Accounting and English In Grades 10 ,11 and 12.


  1. To assist in the teaching of Accounting, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English to learners in rural schools.
  2. To give continuous training to all  teachers involved.
  3. To be as cost effective as possible.
  4. To teach the mentioned subjects on higher level to those schools who do not have the necessary qualified teachers.
  5. To assist those learners who wanted to change from ordinary to higher level in the mentioned subjects.


The Team

The project will be under the supervision of the Control Body of Edugate Academy and a committee (Ex Officio) which includes  the following fields of expertise:

· Education.

· Finance.

· Leadership and Training.

· IT and Technical.


 Responsibilities of the e-learning Centre (Edugate)

  1. Teachers from the e-learning centre must be well qualified, have at least 5 years teaching experience in Grades 11 and 12, with a sound record of his/her academic achievements with learners on a national level (currently Grades 11 and 12)
  2. The supply, installation and maintenance of all software, hardware, internet and other technical aspects will be the responsibility of Edugate. Academy.
  3. Each and every e-learning teacher must receive the necessary soft- and hardware training.


Each school will be monitored through the following  processes:
  1. Regular meetings with e-learning teachers.
  2. Monitoring and evaluation the results of those learners taking part in the e-learning programme.
  3. Pre/post testing.
  4. Log-in statistics will be kept to monitor each transmission to see which school logged-in and if not, what the reasons are.
  5. The highest level of confidentiality regarding results of learners will be maintained.


 The wide open spaces that make up the country of Namibia pose many educational challenges.  A shortfall of well-functioning infrastructure, in these areas, deprives many learners of effective teaching and learning.

We, at Edugate, are of the opinion that with the aid of modern technology using an e-learning system, with the financial support from donors, will transform the level of teaching but also provide those learners with new and unknown opportunities.

EduVision has become a reality.  There are at present a number of rural schools which are linked to the system at Edugate.  


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